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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Overland Expo 2013

 By Grace Howard
Age - 12

I taught at the Overland Expo again this year.  This year I taught by myself (with the help of my parents) and this made it more fun. 

My favorite and most successful class was Knot tying: It's not just for kids.  Amazingly on Friday we had more adults than kids.  We cut 45 ropes and they were all gone by the end of Friday’s class.

On Friday one girl who participated in the class, went home that night and practiced the knots until she knew them and could do them as well as me.  She came back on Saturday and showed me how well she could do the knots.  Then she helped with the class on Saturday!!

We found out on Saturday that Andy Dacey and Duncan Barbour, from the Camel Trophy had been recommending my class.  What a compliment!  


 Last year Andy and Duncan taught me several knots while building a stationary bridge.  This year I got to help Andy and Duncan build the floating bridge.

Tying up sections of the floating bridge.
The finished floating bridge.

  I got to run the winch for putting the final sections of the floating bridge into place.


 I also taught a journaling class.  I talked a little about how kids could journal their adventures and then we made Zebra journals.

  I want to teach knot tying again next year, but with different knots.  I hope to see you there!


  1. Great post, Grace! Duncan and Andy really thought you did a smashing job on the knot-tying. We got great feedback on your classes. Absolutely you must return in 2014 and teach more—whatever you want!

  2. Thank you, I am really excited for next year. I am thinking about knot tying and geocaching.

  3. Very cool! You have a lot of great opportunities!

  4. way to go Grace! If you're really, really interested in knots, look up the Ashely Book of knots.

  5. Good morning to Kelly James & Grace Howard, I reviewed your highly informative youtube walkround the Dormobile with interest. Especially the shower. I have been looking for the fittings to execute a UK based repeat of your design (so far without success). Could you direct me to where you actually found the fittings please? I ask as Domobile ONY609E (Dormi Gallery on P14 of Terri Anne's site) would benefit from the same solution.
    Many thanks indeed. Safe travels & kindest regards
    Mark B (S2CCentralShires@gmail.com)

  6. Hi Mark. The shower is actually something we saw on a D110 at the Overland Expo one year. It is a 4 inch diameter ABS plastic drain pipe with a tee for filling it, and caps on each end. I drilled a hole near the bottom of one of the end caps, and epoxied a length of 1/2 inch pipe into it. I put a 1/4 turn ball valve on that, and an articulating arm for a shower head on that. The shower head itself is from an old solar shower. We put two or three kettles of boiling water in it and fill the balance with unheated water. The parts were all bought at Ace Hardware or Lowe's Home Improvement. In the UK I imagine there are similar home improvement places (Home Base?).

  7. Many thanks. I will have a good look at Lowes website - & see if there is anything UK side that is similar. Safe travels James to you & yours.
    Kindest regards